Responsibility of Politicians

Protection of family, home and self—that is normal.

Protecting schools, hospitals, churches, temples, places of learning and sacredness—is normal, those need to be protected—

To perspective Domestic Terrorists: Just don’t harm anyone because of some twisted bs butt hurt pain that any other emotionally healthy human being can reconcile in their mind.  Don’t feed the weak minded people as you usually do, it’s anti-humanitarian.

For instance this recent shooting in Chicago and Florida, domestic violence victims being put into hospitals, children being abuse who are in constant fear of their lives being taken from them–that is the kind of stuff that needs to be resolved here, in this country.

Shamefully with regret, we don’t know peace, truly deeply or intimately as we should, here in the United States collectively as one country or nation.  This war/propaganda/divided/hate filled/prejudiced culture is making us inhumane or insane, desensitized to our fellow human beings pain for no good reason AFTER  250 plus years of what?   Oppression of what was deemed to be the minority or a threat to the status quo and what made them money…politicians, in this most particular case.

This was the beginning of fucking up North America, mental health, disabilities and physical illnesses soon followed…check your history, ladies and gentlemen.

If politicians can be bought like that, they are worse than the prostitute, pimps and sellouts that mankind has to offer…how often did they bend over or lay down for their lobbyists to let then fuck them only to have us get short changed time and time again over 250 years?!!

Yeah, I said it and wrote it and typed it.

They want to use the 2nd Amendment, cool. I got my Right to freedom of expression and my voter registration card with some sense of humanity.  What we could be as a society scares them, a peaceful, EVOLVED set of people who actually get along.  Donald Trump doesn’t want this because it will cause him to lose money if people in the US unite as one.  Whole, intellectual, kind, peaceful, helpful to each other is the opposite to what they are us to be.


Let that sit in your soul for a minute, how does it feel? Exactly, shitty, less than human, good…now you’re becoming human and awake again….WAKE UP!!!

This over repetition of mental illness and bullying—why is it now when we have a problem that can be solved–people who can do something about it just won’t (elected officials in Washington) help to PREVENT things like this from happening to us, US citizens—a) don’t want to talk about it after shit has hit the fan b) avoid it like the Black Plague? c) can’t seem to get the dollar sign out of their lobbyist laced consciousness and egos to see how their people are hurt due to their complacency and greed? If they don’t want to do their job, just say so…we can find a new replacement for them. If that doesn’t work and it hasn’t—restructuring the United States is in order.

Not all gun owners are bad people, it’s the hate groups, domestic terrorists in this country that make this whole thing malicious and evil.

This is tyranny, we have to take our power back from those asshats, control our own destiny, live life for us, not them.  They bought the Apocalypse to us, let’s give it back to them ten fold.

Our elected officials have two choices:  (1) Stop taking a shit on us and (2) get out of office asap, we’re firing you but you will not take OUR hard earned money with you.

Tell your elected official what their jobs are in person, online, smoke signals—however you see fit.


No Center Yet

Meditating, balancing a veteran of the Armed Forces, we need to be at our post, our station with our boundaries in tact, we are constantly in the state of healing, fighting a spiritual war of our well being, living in a world full of hate, inequities, human rights being violated setting us back more than 75 years, everyday, we live with narcissistic buttholes and dealing with a government who doesn’t care about its humans being in this country or their needs–only about the money in their pockets….check your numerology, empaths…too much negativity will bring something in after destruction, the Four Horsemen are here, spiritual warfare is at an all time high…we have to look out for each other and ourselves with caution.  We are no where near centering yet…think positive, something is in the way to help us deal with this unadulterated level of maliciousness that surrounds us.


This title is written this way for a reason.

My sister is an Aries.

When she don’t like something, she’ll ask me to take a look at it, read, assess, give her my judgment….here’s the main thing to look for, I ask her, first and foremost, “What does your instinct say to you about this situation?”

I, with my empathic senses, psychic gift and sisterly love will pay attention to her mannerisms. Then, I will give her my input, meager two cents and leave it alone.  The final decision is hers, I will then pray for her situation not to harm her, she is a wonderful person when focused and determined.

I am a Pisces woman with and an Aries sister and we both have the Dragon in common.  I was born a Dragon and she was born the month of the Dragon—She was born a Tiger, our mom is a Tiger as well—no nonsense mom stuff, no bs allowed, ever…somehow a Horse and a Tiger found its way into my Chinese horoscope life—I am honorable but also a fighter who hates to be repressed, I will do right and love, just don’t back me into a corner, not good, my friends know why…

The beginning and the end of the horoscope in one household. Our bond was broken many times but we got stronger, she knows what I want to do, have in mind, I don’t have to say much to her…I learned from her how to set up my boundaries, stronger better, more efficiently, her instincts and abilities are different from mines.  My intuition saved others many times and I learned how to let others live their lives mistakes and all.  I learned from a Leo woman how to be regal, kind and giving, being full of life and love and from another Leo woman how to rule with fear and ego and lose the respect of your own children.

My gift is just slowly coming back as I am writing this, the abuse I endured, suppressed what was there, spiritually…it is my job to work out my intuition and keep it strong so that I can live a better life.

Boundaries—building them, reinforcing them, respecting them—is what I am learning to do and it is working.  My life is improving at its own rate.

I am okay with that slow recovery process to ensure I have what I need to be okay, thoroughly and completely.

If a situation is presented to me by my sister, I will ask her to give me some time to think about it.  If it doesn’t feel right, right away, immediately the word “no” will come out of my mouth with the conviction and honesty and condemnation of a judge who knows the wrong will be of harm to the one who is seeking balance and justice because my intuition will be on red alert wondering why is this potentially harmful thing here, throw it away, no…leave that situation alone…if I was wrong, then she would be able to say to me that I was wrong and I would apologize, not one time has that happened…She respects my boundaries, intuitively and otherwise…I do the same for her, I simply ask my Higher Power not to lead me with egotistical foolishness concerning those I love.

That is a boundary my friends and loved ones admire and respect.

V. Richmond

Control Freak Syndrome


Some people has to control everything in their partner’s life.

These things may be what they think is or is not good for them.  This maybe, related to BDSM relationships gone bad and domestic abuse/violence.  It depends how you look at submission of one partner to the dominant one and how a couple interacts inside and outside of the home, in public and otherwise.  For some in this regard, boundaries are honored, trust is built up, it works in others is doesn’t for one reason or another.


Control freak syndrome is what ruins relationships, stops one partner from becoming what they should be for the better of themselves.  Toxic people are prone to this problem because their misery wants company, your company…your silence…your compliance to their way or you are going to be punished for not conforming to their whim.

Not their own company, why? Because then they would have to face the beast they created, be accountable for their actions, deal with what is wrong with them and stop blaming you for their bullshit.

They need you to feel weak, fearful and miserable in order to feel superior about themselves.  This is sad for someone who is seeking to expand their virtues within the context of the relationship they behold, made it a sacred space in their life only to be betrayed by negative, dark, harmful things.

This can happen with family member, friends and co-workers.  Don’t stop being an unstoppable force of love.  Do not let anyone’s love be your drug of choice nor their approval of who, what, how and what you should be and when you should do it…your drug of choice just might end your own life, if you are not careful.

Darker Shade of Me

Something had changed since that day in court.

I am not the same person.

My writing style will reflect it.  More direct, on point, not in a story telling style that I am used to or was given by my ancestors.

Something there is darker, absolute, painful yet aware of my current station in life.

The Most Impure Tale

Marquis de Sade

One mind, thought out of the box.

The namesake for Sadists in the BDSM world.  The original blueprint for what erotic free thinking human beings should be in this world of boring ,conventional, vanilla sex.

Definitely not what Moralistic Christian would consider decent. It makes people think twice about what being erotically mentally means…

The most impure tale is that single thought of obscenity, lust that is out of the grasp of conformed thinkers.

Are you a conformed, uniformed vanilla or a one of a kind nonconforming, free thinker with a will of your own to own your mental sexuality?

Let me know in the comments below

I Tried, I tried…then succeeded

This morning I ran across an internet troll, angry ego driven African-American male who said that African-American females who have a personal space or place that is safe for her to express herself confidently is a whore….
Monday morning/afternoon, on the CTA bus, #4 Cottage Grove bus…three young men were talking about how they were being taken out of the equation, that society says that only the Black females matter and that they were pissed of about not getting their share of whatever
…*rubbing my forehead to get the wrinkles out*…
After a while the conversation went to how they have to find a white woman to meet their needs instead of being with a African-American female who was unavailable to them…the hairs on the back of my neck were…I prayed to keep my mouth shut.
The elders on the bus looked towards the back at the bus at them, not me, them.
The elders were getting pissed of at them, an older African-American male said that our women were getting tired of their shit and finally figured out that they didn’t have to wait for them to get their shit together and went forward without them, when the conversation shifted from cultural life to the African-American woman’s behavior. I had to remind myself that this is a twenty something male in CHICAGO, talking about my sexual lifestyle as if he knew me and every other female but excused the white woman for some reason or another…I kept my mouth shut, finally, they said that “us not being with them was the problem”…

I turned around and let them have it—-

My response, “The reason we are not with you is because of the lack of leadership, love , care and understanding–that you have so eloquently spoken and demonstrated with your behavior towards your female equals”—*two of them looked perplexed, tried to snap back, then in a millisecond*—“there are very easy solutions to this problem, first, stop talking about us like were dogs, stop hurting us to get whatever the hell you want and maybe there wouldn’t be so many African-American lesbians here in Chicago….own your shit instead of blaming the white man and everyone else, stop complaining and holding “us” back from “our full” potential and that goes for any man of any color, any size.”

*all three young men stopped, looked, couldn’t say a word.*

The elder male upfront—gave me a nod of approval with a smile and kissed my hand and called me, “Queen of the Beloved Truth.”

Every woman needs sacred space to express herself and being, especially a African-American female. Not much is available for us in terms of suitable mate or life-long partners. To my African-American friends, I tried my best to sum up the fuckery of their demented point of view of African-American females and her personal sense of self love and throw it back at them because it is not my fault that they cannot find quality, tender loving sensual care in an caring, intimate manner.

We, need intimacy, love, care, gentleness when it comes to sex/sensuality…not exploitation, judgment or hatred from our own kind.

Find a love, caring intimate place to explore your being like everyone else does, take your time, enjoy it—we need love and pleasure like everyone else.

From A Woman Who Just Happens to be African-American

Viniko Richmond

Party pooper

I am not at a party because I am doing grown up stuff today.

My ears are ringing with dial tone sounds and things.  I am preparing to leave a group that I feel is not of my interest. I am part of many groups.  I like to meet people and have a good social life but I am more mature and wary of certain things.

I like keeping to myself more than being part of a group.

I was told to let go of what no longer serves me and I am these days and find more peace of mind than a little.  It is time to re-evaluate what pleasures me at this stage of my life.  Last year, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I no longer feel like a party pooper because I found peace in a short amount of time when I started being celibate over two months ago.  It feels good to enjoy only sensual things without intercourse and BDSM.

I am still in the Lifestyle.  This is a period of reflection and growth  for me to rebalance everything I have learned to control, endure, enjoy, and keep my memories as a lesson plan for a better future.

Maturity is a wonderful thing.

Swinger Wife

Ladies and Gentlemen….yes, you…c’mon over here…

Yes, I am a Swinger’s wife and he couldn’t swing so he has decided to divorce me. My sex drive is still high and strong.  Celibacy is my friend.  I honor it.  Read on, it’s a good thing, you will understand why I chose celibacy and it is also part of my healing process.

In the Lifestyle, if you are Dominant of feeling slightly so, straight or want to scratch the itch to be sexually dominant for a night or two…FemDom is for you, in the lightest form.  Taking control of what pleasures you and your partner is the ultimate pleasure, overall, providing all the details are taken care of with meticulous care.

I ran across a SwingLifeStyle article that had me banging my head against a wall.  Sex education, education about anything outside of the procreational sex theme presented to teenage students in America is not included in the education criteria/standard and not included as it should be yet the whole complete truth about sex in America is limited, more or less the world.  The title of the brief article had me embarrassed, I am looking at the title and feel ashamed that male dominated sex is still presented as the norm.

This is where people like Sunny Megatron, Nina Hartley, Luc Wilder and other sex positive advocates (what I inspire to be) comes in to help, encourage people understand sex and sensuality in America and worldwide.  My life is dedicated to seeking education, knowledge, information, tools and resources of sex and sensuality.

Female dominated sex is not bad.  It is more enjoyable than most guys would think, the rise of reconstructing male sensuality, how they touch, the overall construction of male sexuality is on the rise in the face of patriarchal male abuse being exposed via Harvey W., Woody Allen, MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and other male control driven incidents (in the abusive form of desires)  that forced females into the position of unwilling submissiveness to meet the base needs of the male ego in order to be successful in their world of industry and perspective field of work.  Male sensitivity being reconstructed will take more than a millennium, however, on the sunny side of the street…

It takes a willing soul to let a woman take control of sensual, sexual activities…or a wild woman, a disciplined,  woman who knows her desires to say, “We’re going to do this my way.”  Her way ensures satisfaction guaranteed. Fear of loss in controlling the situation in an intimate setting for a male, is bs to me, mutual satisfaction is a must have…your pleasure and mines must be met or leave it alone.  There is a growing number of men saying that they are happy when the woman takes charge of sex and intimacy but there is a set of men out there who are totally, completely enamored, respectfully in love with worshipping women and meeting their desires in and out of the bedroom.  Anyone seeing the Sun yet? I am.

It depends on which male you are dealing with, just don’t shake things up a bit, maintain your satisfaction, a happy pussy is a wonderful thing.  A calm, well served woman is ideal to keep things running smoothly.  When a woman has what she needs, the world is a wonderful place.  FemDom, is a special category, banned in the UK, England….why? I read that article, I was mad, it’s still out there somewhere…I just don’t want to look at it, it is garbage to me and my senses.

There are a few things about FemDom that help females/women in their quest for sexual/sensual fulfillment:

  1. It encourages positive sexuality in women, as well as sexual expression without shame or guilt, exploration of her womanly desire without harm to her psychological being.
  2. Women like to be touched, kissed, held, bit, nibbled on from time to time… not just fucked.  The porn world is not to blame for this one aspect, intimate sensual things are being withheld, sex isn’t for procreation… not just intercourse alone…Sexsensoplay is in order, I will explain that later in three articles…wait for it.
  3. If oral sex is your thing, the kitchen and the grocery store is your domain for the most basic supplies unless you like to get straight to the blowjob, technique and whatever you do…have fun, do what you do to get the man milk you crave…but if you want to extend that pleasure may I suggest oral sex with cantaloupe, cucumbers, pineapples…these are just a few of my old tricks, just ask…a book will be out by next year Christmas, I hope.
  4. That man is your sex toy, ask for some play time is okay…if he looks at you funny or scared, don’t back down just have a plan ready and ask him what is his desire and see if they are something like your own.  If he says no like my soon-to-be ex-husband did, leave that shit alone and move on….seriously, why should he have all of the fun, no one-sided bs is good in any relationships.
  5. In your private time, start with self masturbation, get the feel of your own body and research to find out what pleasure you, no one else because your body is your temple…your pleasure increases your knowledge of sensual pleasure, honoring your temple decreases your stress levels, blood pressure and your serotonin and other “feel good” receptors will thank you.  This also allows you time to research FemDom at your leisure to see what aspects of it fits you and your needs in and out of the bedroom.
  6. Never have bad, one-sided, anti-orgasmic sex it is traumatic to a woman’s health and well being…if you have sexual trauma issues, please get help from a therapist that will benefit you in the long run, trust me on this one.  I am a survivor of childhood rape, molestation and marital abuse.  I am dealing with past issues going back 25 years of mental, cultural conditioning, currently celibate but find more peace having control and peace of mind, yes–both together–over my sex drive like never before internally in a more refined manner–it feels wonderful, fitting, classy.
  7. I am not bound to lust but healing spiritually and psychologically, concerning my sexuality and sensual life, celibacy can balance out meaningless desire versus when you truly crave sex, naturally.  This has increased my understanding of sex, love, BDSM, and other interest I do have concerning sex and sensuality.
  8. Self care, honoring your being and body, forgiveness and releasing what no longer serves you and hurts you is a must in the Lifestyle.  Please, this is about personal growth to be the best you can be either as a Dominant, Top, Submissive, Bottom or otherwise even in the vanilla world.  NEVER SUPPRESS WHAT YOU ARE TO BE OR BECOME—BE FREE TO LIVE YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL!!!
  9. Don’t feed the beast of base, lustful (in a negative manner) nature if it compromises your body, mind, soul and overall health.  Sex is healthy, helpful and gives more benefits than your last doctor’s visit.  Keep it that way.

Please read my other page which I am starting to help balance out my healing and spiritual side of my recovery.  I did not leave the BDSM or Swing Lifestyle.  NEVER!!!

I am healing from an abusive marriage and preparing for divorce court.  I am taking my time, with and for myself, forgiving myself and giving myself the chance to succeed and complete my tasks, give back to the world through my lessons as I am thinking on my feet, moving forward at last.

Yes, I will be writing a book, right now, I am researching publishers.  I am on my journey.

Blessings to you all,

Lotizan Zen, The Swinger’s Wife, Devoted, Beloved BDSM Follower

October 28, 2017

*The items in colored text indicate upcoming articles on this or my new page.*




This is where I begin my journey.

I was 15 years old.

Wondering what it was like to be owned in a loving relationship. I never got my answer until later, still looking for that answer but I came across something better, more interesting and life affirming.


This made my world more solid, concrete and I enjoyed my life more than ever learning the many different ways of loving outside of the vanilla, Christian life in which I was raised.  Yes, it did include abuse but I balanced it out and decided that for me at certain points in my life, BDSM, kept me grounded in more ways than one.

This and the discovery of the Olde Guard, made me feel at home. I felt like I belonged, at last. Now, I AM 41, realizing that I am getting comfortable in my own skin, wrapping all of my BDSM, SEXUALITY AND SENSUALITY around me, taking comfort in my personal development without shame, guilt and no longer defending my choice of expression.

It is as I breathe, this is me, accept it or leave me the hell alone.

***The following texts in scarlet red…these articles will require whoever is reading this to find the matching titles and enjoy your reading experience.  ***

I will explore every five years of my life here and on my other page named Soulful Notes, which is being created as I am typing this blog entry….Namaste, Blessings to all who have read this today.

This article isn’t over…it’s just beginning.

Truly Yours.